Our Programs

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Basketball basic training classes, elite classes, Rep Team, small class classes, school holiday camp and private training classes, etc. suitable all ages from 5 to 17 years old. All of our course will be matched with students of similar age and skills to strengthen and improve the effect of weak links in a targeted manner. Please book a assessment.

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School Holiday Camps

The goal of Hills Start Basketball Camps is to help develop well-rounded basketball players. We take our camps to the next level by combining skills, practices and basketball education. Our most valuable tool for delivering quality instructions to young basketball athletes is our high-level basketball instructors. We want to instil in our players the fundamentals of basketball and instil the proper attitude towards it. We stress on effort, teamwork, confidence, and sportsmanship as they are ingredients towards a balanced player.

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Local competition

Registration for WINTER 2024 season is in process. Team Fees $350 per player including: Team Registration, Games Fee, Court Fees, Coach, Photo, and Pre Season Game. Uniform: $35.00 Team Fees DO NOT cover the player's registration, Its $120 or $135 per year. Please register and pay at Hills Hornets 's website.

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Private class

A 1 on 1 private session, a personalized session designed specifically for your basketball needs and goals.

How are Athletes Selected?

Athletes are selected through a tryout process. Tryouts are held in all years, please make a booking. Athletes are evaluated on their skill level, athleticism, and coachability. Level 1 Suitable for zero-based children/teen Level 2 Suitable for students who have a certain foundation and want to develop in the long run Level 3 Suitable for advanced basketball players with a deep desire to train and dedicated work ethic